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Our Standard Commercial Cleaning Task List

We have designed a thorough task list for our general commercial cleaning services that is based on our customers feedback and personalized experience. Rotherham Cleaning Services will cover every inch and corner in your commercial premises. Our task list and quotations have been based on providing a high level of professional cleaning and a personalized service to you providing you with total satisfaction and value for money.

Our Standard General Office Cleaning Task List


  • Reception counters dusted and fingerprint removed
  • Pictures and art deco dusted glass cleaned
  • Phones and computers wiped down
  • Table tops dusted and polished
  • Magazines organized
  • Vacuum carpet/mop tiles
  • Rubbish bin emptied

General offices areas

  • Desks dusted
  • Carpets vacuumed/tiles moped
  • Filing cabinets wiped down
  • Window sills wiped down
  • Phones and Computers wiped down
  • Door glass cleaned
  • Bookcases/book spines dusted
  • Light fixtures dusted or wiped down
  • Rubbish bin emptied


  • Toilets cleaned and sanitized
  • Mirrors polished
  • Counter tops cleaned and sanitized
  • Soap and towel dispensers wiped down
  • Floors mopped
  • Rubbish bin emptied
  • Sinks cleaned and taps shined

Kitchen Area

  • Table and Countertops wiped down
  • Taps and sinks cleaned and shined
  • Refrigerator wiped down
  • Microwave wiped down
  • Cabinets dusted or wiped
  • Wall outlets wiped and sanitized
  • Tables, benches and chairs wiped down
  • Rubbish bin emptied

In addition to our regular commercial and office cleaning we offer a range of additional specialised services; the most popular being Commercial Carpet Cleaning, and Upholstery Cleaning within the workplace. If you would like us to include any of these special services in your regular service, simply give us a call to discuss your needs and get a free no obligation quote.

*Cleaning Tasks marked with Asterisk can take twice the time to so to help us help and continue to provide our professional cleaning services perform please allow extra time when such task are required of the cleaner we recommend creating a schedule for such tasks.

Health and Safety

For health and safety reasons our cleaners are NOT allowed to:

  • Work on heights or outside your property.
  • Work with volatile chemicals or in such environments.
  • Clean electrical items unless is switched off from the mains.
  • Clean human waste.

Please if you unsure of any task contact us to discuss the task before instructing your cleaner.

More Services

Carpet Cleaning

Professional cleaning of any carpet on a regular basis will extend its life expectancy. Not cleaning the carpet correctly, or even not cleaning it at all, will reduce its life expectancy significantly.

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Upholstery Cleaning

Don’t just take our word for it, let us provide you our high powered professional upholstery cleaning services and be part of the many home owners, tenants and businesses that use us time and time again.

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Mattress Cleaning

If you are concerned about cleanliness and hygiene you probably clean everything in your home regularly. Like most other people, you probably did not realise that your mattress is the most unhygienic place of all.

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End of Tenancy Cleans

When you decide to move out of rented accommodation, an important part of the moving process is the end of tenancy cleaning and having the property professionally cleaned.

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Flea Treatment

If you're having a problem with fleas in your home, we're here to help. Our flea control service can offer you a professional and competitively priced treatment for fleas at both council and private properties.

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Domestic Cleaners

Our domestic cleaning services in the Rotherham area are tailored to suit your specific needs. Different domestic tasks can be performed according to your individual needs.

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End of Tenancy Cleans

When you decide to move out of rented accommodation, an important part of the moving process is the end of tenancy cleaning and having the property professionally cleaned.

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Commercial Cleaners

Rotherham Cleaning Services guarantee you the best commercial cleaning service available in the area to keep your business premises looking and feeing clean all year around.

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